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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  March 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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a family of live rushes to escape their burning apartment. now three are fighting to survive injuries they suffered in the fire. all five members in the family are in the hospital with serious injuries ara pre -- after a predawn fire in their san francisco home. it happened in their apartment over a liquor store on 24th street near street in the mission district.
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here is more. >> reporter: firefighter says they had the fire under control 19 minutes after they responded and rescued everyone in six minutes. but they are still concerned for the family of the man who lived upstairs and worked in the liquor store below. the two-alarm fire broke out in the home at the hospital on treat avenue. they say the man and his wife and two sobs were all hurt. firefighters are to perform cpr on the 13-year-old daughter her 6-year-old brother and their father. her mother suffered smoke inhalation injuries. all are recovering in san francisco hospitals. firefighters praised the action of the teenaged son as he helped rescue his younger brother. >> in the window was a 6-year- old boy and teenager and the teenager really heroic, made
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sure his brother got out and they went out and got the other sibling out. >> reporter: firefighters say they also rescued two men sleeping in the liquor store down below who had been trapped behind a padlock door. the two men ran off after they were rescued. we're told the two were store workers who regularly slept we are. we learned the city's department of inspection in october responded to a complaint of people illegal really using the -- illegally using the space as a residential unit. an commenter went out twice and could not get in the building and the owner did not respond to cards left to the owner. the building was last ned in 2009 and was da for another inspection coming in the filing month of ape. that fire we're told began on the second floor. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened. meantime, we've seen relatives and friends stop by the building to inspect the damage.
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we expect to get an update on the family and will have that at 5:00. back to you. >> thank you. the fbi and san jose police are sifting through a lot of evidence today after raiding nearly a dozen south bay businesses. 11 vietnamese coffee houses and cafes were targeted. they are all in east and south san jose along the 101 corridor. the raid started around 6:00 last night. the fbi, dea and san jose police served search warrants and confiscated about 100 illegal gaming machines. they bring in up to $4,000 a week. this all stems from a year and a half-long investigation called "operation omni." authorities say they had noticed drug and prostitution activity and a pattern of violence linked to the calffies -- cafes. >> we know these businesss that don't want this here and neither do the businesses. we sent a message yesterday and served 11 search warrants. we took between 8500 and 100
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gaming machines. we're still determining who is responsible for this activity. >> several people were detained during the raids. but norths say no so so far no arrests have been made -- but authorities say so far no arrests have been made. authority say all those involved in a helicopter crash off the florida coast are dead. crews have found human marines. seven marines and four u.s. soldier armies were all on board the helicopter when it disappeared around 8:30 last night. another blackhawk returned safely. the officials were conducting a routine night training exercise in heavy fog. >> the fog has been hampering us. you have to go slow in the water make sure you are not missing anything. >> some debris is beginning to wash up in a beach in the
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search area. president obama offered his condolences for the presumed loss of those service members. a french official confirms a boy and man who appear in a new video showing the killing of a palestinian man are french citizens. we are not showing the boy's face since he's a minor. he's on the left of the video. the man in the video speaks with a southern french accident. authorities are investigating whether he was links to the islamicist extremist who attacked a jewish school in 2012. the family of the man in the orange jump suit said he joined isis, changed his mind and was captured bying to -- by trying to escape. in the video, the boy shoots and kills him. top national officials are pushing the president's proposal to take on isis. but any are facing tough questions from members split on
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how to approach the war. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry, defense secretary ashton carter and chairman of the joints chief of staff martin dempsey defended president obama's to go after the islamic state in the middle east. one day after another gruesome video surfaced reportedly showing a child carrying out an isis execution, the trio urged lawmakers to support their tragedy. >> this would send an important signal to national support serving in harm's way conducting this message. >> reporter: democrats fear this could order boots on the ground. republicans worries the president is limiting the option too much leading john kerry to defend the delicate secret negotiations between the u.s. and iran over a deal to limit that nation's nuclear capability of ahead of a deadline at the end of this month for a framework.
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>> i believe much of our strategy with regards to isis is being driven by a desire for not upset iran so they don't walk away from the table. tell me why i'm wrong. >> the facts contradict. >> reporter: joiner ashton carter will be michael fallin. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> the associated press says it is filing a lawsuit to obtain hillary clinton's e-mails, as secretary of state. this comes as mrs. clinton is explaining why she used her personal e-mail account and server during her tenure rather than a government account. the a.p. says it's suing because repeatedlied "under the freedom -- requests under the freedom act have not been filled.
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mrs. crinton said her use of a private e-mail account was a matter of inconvenience. >> looking back, it would have been better to tuesday two separate phones and two e-mail accounts. i thought one device would be simpler and obviously it has not worked out that way. >> clinton says the use of a private e-mail account did not violate state department rules at the time. she's handed over 30,000 work- related e-mails but deleted the private ones. the state department will release those in the commenting -- coming months. a stolen car and a police chase. the tool to catch the young people inside. and a student group vote to ban the american flag sparks campus protest es. the reason some say they are demonstrating in support of the students even though they disagree with the ban. rain is going away. the sun is back.
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we're tracking some unseasonable conditions on the horizon.
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s. in the south bay, police are searching for a gunman who robbed a coffee shop, a massage parlor and a fast-food
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restaurant all in one night. the first robbery happened at the jack in the box on morrow avenue in san jose about 8:30 last night. witnesses say the robber used a gun and drove away after the crime. just 15 minutes later, police say the same robber hit a starbucks and a massage parlor at the park victoria shopping center in milpitas. the san jose and milpitas police departments are jointly investigate the crimes. they are hoping surveillance video will lead them to the robber. a stolen car packed with teenagers led the chp on a wild chase that ended early this morning in oakland. alex savidge explains how the car's radio prompted the pursuit. >> reporter: the stolen white lexus was missing a front tire after this dangerous, early- morning pursuit. it ended in this east oakland cul-de-sac near 9 -- near 9 october and macarthur where six teens jumped out and ran.
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this man's 16-year-old daughter was among the passengers along for the wild ride. he was not too happy when he came to pick her up. >> that hurts me. that was me real upset. how she could association with people like that. >> reporter: the chp says 18- year-old demonte spears was behind the wheel. they say he and two other teens carjacked a woman in downtown oakland around midnight. but a couple of hours later, they were on the run. it was all because of the car's on board entertainment system. the chp was able to figure out where this car was by using the gps signal coming from the car's satellite radio system. officers spotted the stolen car on highway 24 in orinda and pursued it into oakland. at one point, the driver slammed into a median and lost his tire but kept on going. sparks flying. >> never something that we want. we would always wish that
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somebody would pull over and yield for the light. unfortunately not everybody does that. luckily, this came out well. >> reporter: the chp says the adult driver and two passengers were arrested for taking the car. the other underaged teens were let go but will likely have a lot of explaining to do to their parents. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. a homeless man is suing the city of san francisco because he says the sheriff's deputy beat him at sf general hospital. 59-year-old fernando has filed a $25,000 claim in connection with the alleged assault in november. he was in the e.r. waiting room to get pain pills ahead of a scheduled knee surgery later that day. he said he fell asleep but that deputy michael woke him up, ordered him to leave and then started beating him. >> i felt some punches on my head, face somewhere, and i was being choked because i couldn't
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breathe. >> the deputy arrested him and booked him on a charge of assaulting a police officer. the man was arrested and faces four felony charges, including perjury and filing a fails police report. the santa clara valley water district could raise water rates across the board to deal with with a rise in budget deficit. last night the waterboard said the drought has increased its costs while reducing its income as people conserve water. the board says no decision will be made until may. but it discussed a nearly 20% rate hike. that would translate to $5 more each month for residential customers in the north mart of the county and -- part of the county and about 1.34 for people in the south part of the county. not surprisingly, most customers were opposed but even some board members are against a big rate hike. >> i think we have an affirmative obligation to look at the totality of our program
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and not just say, here's some costs and we are going to pass them on. >> we recognize the impact of the rates on the customer in the community. we take every rate extremely seriously. >> the water district says right now it pays up to $170 per acre foot of water but it just signed a contract for more water that cost $750 per unit. and it says that could go up to $7,000 per acre foot if the drought conditions. two other water districts addressed their situation yeald. east bay m.u.d. says the water outlook is grim and is looking at buying water. it still has to determine how much to buy and what it is to to pay. and dublin plans to spend $2.2 million to buy a four-month supply of water for 20,000 people. that water would come from the yuma county water agency. we did get a little bit of rain this morning. but most of it is gone by now.
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>> that's light, tori -- right, tori. a sun/cloud mix. water is so expensive. it would be nice to talk about free water but nothing impressive as far as amounts. here is a live look at san francisco bay. there's still shade showing up with some of the clouds baying us a visit. as far as the rainfall totals over the past 24 hours, these numbers not impressive. san jose .10. concord .08 and a few 1/100ths for san rafael. that system moving as yo the bay area right now producing a rain/snow mix with the snow mainly above 7,000 feet out toward the sierra. as you can see hear is a little bit of activity on live stormtracker2 as you come in closer here, show you some of the action in parts of the north bay. this coverage has been increasing somewhat. this one cell clipping parts of the bay area, especially out toward the northern portion up
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toward cloverdale and mendocino county around hoplynn and ukiah. not completely dry. but we still have the sun/cloud mix. today is one of the cooler days of the week. it sounds strange. because it's mild tl. san jose, 63. walnut creek in the 60s. santa rosa, 60 degrees. also feels muggy out there. there is that chance of a shower. a pit warmer for your -- bit warmer for yours thursday. temperatures going way back up for the weekend, especially by saturday. a lot of coverage on the satellite with that weakening system across california for today. we'll have the mixture of sun and clouds a little bit of a breeze developing. 245ers's the chance of -- there's the chance of a shower. this system will be history and then we'll warm things back up in the 70s. high clouds maying us a visit as we head into the weekend. the main storm track will be up to the north. high clouds moving into northern california. here is our forecast model for
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this afternoon showing you some clouds out there and there's the chance of a few scattered showers especially for the northern half of the region. tomorrow morning starting out with fog, lower clouds for yours thorning. the clouds melt away. thal will lead -- that will lead to the warming trend for tomorrow. temperatures now, 60s out there. a look ahead to your five-day forecast. no major storms. in fact, this is the five-day i inherited from steve this morning. i looked at that 80 and said look at that 80 and that could happen into the weekend. the warmest locations could be around 80 degrees. today it actually feels warm but you get the idea, one of the cooler days of the week. no major storms to talk about. we just -- a few 1/100ths of an inch. >> we still have about ten days of winter. >> that's right. >> we're not out of, you know, completely out window of getting more rain, right? >> especially later march, april could be very active.
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>> yes. >> okay. >> it's been atypical. >> enjoy the 80-degree temperatures this weekend. >> thank you, mark. well, blurred lines was the biggest hit of 2013. but now a los angeles jury has decided robin thicke's song blurred the lines too much by being similar to a 1977 hit by marvin -- by marvin gaye. yesterday jurors awarded marvin gaye's estate $7 million. they claimed thicke song copying his song. ♪ >> pharrell said he understood why fans connected the two songs but he said soul music sounds like soul music. former rolling stone writer does not believe this was a
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case of copyright infringement but rather musicians trying to emulate an era. >> it's the same groove. it is that kind of same percussion. that's it. there are so many dance songs and with -- with kind of a party atmosphere. so that's why i'm surprised at the verdict. ♪ >> pharrell released a statement saying he's disappointed in the ruling and that is set as horrible precedence going forward. thicke has yet to respond. both of them made more than $5 million off the song. the future of six bay area hospitals is unknown this noontime. the deal that fell through and puts the healthcare system in jeopardy. and contentious protests continue on a u.s. college campus after students say the american flag means the opposite of freedom to them. those stories when we return.
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stocks a little changed in afternoon trading on wall street. they plunged yesterday as investors worried about higher interest rates and a stronger dollar. the euro has fallen to its lowest level since april of 2003. taking a live look, the dow is down 11. the nasdaq is down 5. s&p down 1. the louisiana national gaurg is just giving an update on the search for the blackhawk helicopter that crashed off the florida panhandle last night. all 11 people on board are believed dead. seven marines and four
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soldiers. the national guard chopper was on a routine training mission from eglin air force base when it disappeared. heavy fog in the area has lifted. officials say crews are able to search for the wreckage from the air. that search area has expanded to 51 square miles. some wreckage and human remains have washed ashore. patience and workers -- patients and workers at seton medical center are waiting to find out if the hospital will be able to stay open. that's after prime healthcare withdrew the bid to buy seton and five other hospitals owned by the daughters of charity healthcare system. prime sent out a statement saying the condition placed on the sale by the state attorney general would make it impossible to make the changes needed to save the hospital. management has scheduled meetings to answer questions from workers. there are reports daughters of charity could file for bankruptcy. that might keep the hospitals open. protesters continue at the
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uc irvine cam pause over a student group vote to ban the display of the american flag. a scheduled meeting on the issue was canceled yesterday due to threats of violence. university officials say the student group was misguided in the decision and the executive cabinet of the student government later vetoed the ban. the supporters of the students say they were simply trying to more inclunsive. >> you are making it uncomfortable by others who feel threatened by the flag. >> the american flag is symbolic of oir -- of our country, everyone that makes america great. some people say while they don't agree with the vote to ban the flag, they are angry over how the university handled the situation. they say they've been ostracized as students against america. tonight at 5:00, turning a tough situation into a musical one. meet the local student making skateboards into guitars.
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we'll have that story tonight on the fox 2 news at 5:00 as well as the victims on that fire in the mission district where a family of five was seriously hurt. that's tonight at 5:00. have a great day.
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